Synthetic tattooable skin, shaped like realistic limbs.

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Our mission with “A Pound of Flesh” synthetic tattooable limbs is to create an experience closest to tattooing real skin. One of its many applications is to help beginning tattoo artists learn tattooing techniques without having to actually practice on real people. This will hopefully cut down on the amount of poorly executed tattoos done by beginners. Other applications include a realistic surface that an experienced artist can use to practice new techniques, try out new equipment, and as a 3D portfolio to illustrate their work. Potential clients will be able to get a better idea of an artist’s ability by physically seeing their work on “skin” firsthand.

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Synthetic tattooable skin, shaped like realistic limbs.

It is our mission to create an experience closest to tattooing real skin. It’s main purpose is to help apprentice and beginning tattoo artist to learn the techniques of tattooing without having to actually practices on real people.


Great practice surface

These hands are a great practice surface for new tattooers, but are also such a cool display item for experienced artists as well! I had a blast working with it, and can’t wait to do some more!!! A few of my clients have purchased them for me to tattoo on….something cool to have displayed in their home collection!”

Scotty Munster

Like painting with tattoo machines

I’ve found APOF to be a great opportunity to experiment with new effects and techniques without the pressure or constraints of real skin. I’ve always tried to tattoo similar to how I paint, but APOF is truly like painting with tattoo machines. I consider it a new hybrid artistic medium that makes it even easier for an experienced tattooer to adapt new ideas to skin.

Nick Baxter

Fun experience

Working on APOF was a fun experience; I’ve never tattooed anything other than human skin, so I was surprised to find striking similarities when I was tattooing the silicone hand. For example, ink staining, over-working, stretching the skin (on the pliable knuckles) and my hand motion. Once my (coil) machines were turned up, I had very similar results to tattooing on real skin. I approached the piece the same way I would a normally do a bio-organic tattoo on a client– sharpie drawing on the skin, a series of color/texture layers, and finally a clean outline and white highlights. I think it’s a great product for not only beginners in their apprenticeships to get used to maneuvering their hand/machine on a life-life body part, but also for experienced tattooers looking to experiment with new techniques and wander outside their comfort zone. APOF definitely has enough realistic qualities for an apprentice to practice on before diving into real human skin, and those same characteristics are great for professionals to have some fun and push the envelope with either their own preferred style (like I did) or try something totally foreign to them.

Brandon Schultheis

It’s a good product!

I personally had my doubts. It’s impossible to draw on with sharpie and putting on the stencil wasn’t as easy as real skin but…… With a more simple design, I was able to get it on properly an I actually had fun! I was about an hour into it before I realized I could turn the hand around to my point of view! It takes wash lines very easily and whites are easy to manipulate. All in all, it’s a good product and I’d recommend it. As far as benefits…. I can’t tattoo these things and sell them as a new medium of art. A more affordable alternative to a real tattoo to a collector but so far, I like giving them to my kids.

Tanane Whitfield

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