Practice Tattoo Hands, Arms & Feet


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When You Can Practice on a Body?


A Pound of Flesh Practice Tattoo HandRun out of flesh to practice tattoos on? No space left on your own body? No friends brave enough to wear your budding imperfect portfolio for life? You could practice on practice skins, but how is that anything like the real thing?

Now you can practice tattoo on the closest thing to a real body with A Pound of Flesh synthetic practice hands, arms, and feet.

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So lifelike, TSA stops us when we fly to conventions!

patent pending tatto practice hands
Practice tattoo hands and arms so lifelike, the TSA searches us every flight.
patent pending tatto practice hands

Not Only for Beginners

Professional Artists, Display Your Art as Intended

Art keeps walking out the door and the only proof you have to show for it is a quick photograph on a purple, swollen canvass.

Stop selling people into your chair with a 2-D representation of your real-life work. Prospective clients can better judge the artist’s skill and craft, seeing the work firsthand—so to speak—rather than lifeless on the page or screen.

Professional Artists Weigh In on Practice Tattoo Hands
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Sell Your Arms and Hands

No one in your chair? Slow week? Tattoo a hand, and sell it online. Make money hand over fist arm in your off time.

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